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Upcoming AASP Best Practice Webinars

May 14, 2014
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

What Your Data Isn't Telling You: Using Predictive Analytics to Turn Data into ROI

Presenter: Steve Beshuk

Program Description: Are you realizing the full potential of one of your most important assets – your data? Learn the strategies you can use to move from operating on instincts and assumptions to making fact-based decisions and uncovering hidden value. You will learn how to use business intelligence and predictive modeling to dissect and improve your annual fund, membership, and major giving programs; strengthen donor relationships and increase their levels of support; and make an impact on bottom-line performance.

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AASP & FundSvcs

Whether you’re a long time FundSvcs subscriber or just joining us for the first time, this is the location to join active community discussion on the topics you deal with in your work as an advancement services professional. By linking to AASP, you’ll also have access to the tools you need to succeed in the field. AASP empowers advancement services professionals by encouraging idea sharing and best practices among its thought leaders.

Who we are: AASP is the authority in the advancement services profession
What we do: Serve the non-profit community with leadership and passion
Who can join: AASP membership is open for newcomers to the profession as well as individuals who have established careers in Advancement Services.
What’s the cost of membership: $95
What are the benefits of membership: AASP provides programs and resources aimed to keep members informed and up-to-date on all technologies and services. Click here to read about the AASP Member Benefits.
What you’ll experience: The flagship event, AASP Summit, each year brings together hundreds of dedicated Advancement Services professionals for information sharing, networking, and education. Throughout the year, a calendar of professional development programs, programs with partner organizations, informative newsletters, best practice publications and other activities help members keep their finger on the pulse of Advancement Services.

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